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Why did you put the DMUA field before starting your DM application? I will upload them, although with the field removed until you get your DM status approved.

I actually have started my DM application before debconf10. The DebConf people that I worked with said I should get someone who knows the stuff that I package to sponsor my DM application. None of the debconf nyc localteam do any multimedia stuff. So at this point, once I find someone willing to sponsor me, I can revive my DM application email and complete the process.

The underlying recommendation is to demonstrate experience in packaging routines.

Having someone sponsor packages that you do is just one way of doing that. Another is to join one or more teams and participate in collaboratively maintained packages there. Which is what you are doing now, I believe :-)

Some use the term "sponsoring" for both mentors.debian.net style "explicit" sponsoring and team-maintainance "implicit" sponsoring.

Personally I am sceptical to the explicit sponsoring model (I find that it too often lead to poorly maintained packages), and I therefore encourage distinguishing by using "sponsoring" only for explicit sponsoring and else use e.g. "team-maintainance".

Concretely I suggest that you explain at your DM process how you are involved in team-maintainance, and point out (via changelog entries) which parts of our collaborative work that you contributed. I imagine that it is also beneficial for the DM process that you point out how you've engaged in discussions about those changes here on this list: Another vector of judgement, I believe, is how well you collaborate with peer developers :-)

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