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> On Oct 28, 2010, at 6:38 PM, Felipe Sateler wrote:
>> On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 01:28, Hans-Christoph Steiner <h...@at.or.at>
>> wrote:
>>> Hey all,
>>> So the plan for puredata-dev has been pushed off until Pure Data 0.43 is
>>> released and packaged, so I think that the approach used in these two
>>> packages is going to be necessary for the timebeing.
>>> Can anyone upload these two?  They are needed as deps for the rest of the
>>> packages that I have ITP'ed.
>> Why did you put the DMUA field before starting your DM application? I
>> will upload them, although with the field removed until you get your
>> DM status approved.
> I actually have started my DM application before debconf10.  The DebConf
> people that I worked with said I should get someone who knows the stuff that
> I package to sponsor my DM application.  None of the debconf nyc localteam
> do any multimedia stuff.  So at this point, once I find someone willing to
> sponsor me, I can revive my DM application email and complete the process.
> Sorry if I caused any trouble, I was just trying to make things go smoother.

It's not trouble, just standard practice to put the flag after the DM
status is attained.
Unfortunately, I cannot in good conscience advocate your DM
application until I have further worked with you. Maybe after a few
more package uploads ;).

>> And another question, why does puredata-import depends on puredata (<<
>> 0.43)? I just uploaded pd-libdir for now.
> Thanks for uploading pd-libdir!  puredata 0.43 has changed the way the
> headers are installed, so pd libraries that rely on certain headers will
> have to change once 0.43 hits the repos.  I think its important to get this
> stuff into Debian working with 0.42, and I'm willing to do the legwork of
> packaging first for pd 0.42, then updating for 0.43.

I understand the need for the build-depends, which is what I read from
your description above (pd-libdir has the same restriction). However,
puredata-import (the binary package) Depends on puredata << 0.43. Is
that intended? If so, please explain why.

Also, while we are on it, why the naming scheme change? Shouldn't it
be pd-import?

Felipe Sateler

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