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Reintroduce build-dep on python-dev, Jonas is right and it's needed to avoid a FTBFS. Drop build-dep on audiofile, unnecessary. Fix description

Please (in the future) commit independent changes separately. Both to ease eventual reuse or reverting later, and to ease generating debian/changelog.

Also, please avoid discussion-style comments in first paragraph of the commit message: Ideally it should be usable as-is in debian/changelog. Detailed comments are great too, but should then be added as additional paragraphs separated by a blank line - like this:

  Reintroduce build-dep on python-dev.

  Jonas is right and it's needed to avoid a FTBFS.

Example use of this is the "git dch" command, which (by default) grabs first paragraph of each recent commit and adds it to debian/changelog.


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