(new) puredata-import_1.3-1.debian.tar.gz optional sound
(new) puredata-import_1.3-1.dsc optional sound
(new) puredata-import_1.3-1_amd64.deb optional sound
Pd object for loading libraries within a patch
 Aiming to provide a simplified Python-style import for Pure Data, this import
 object loads libraries as part of a patch.  It will load anything that Pd
 considers a library, including libraries that are defined by Pd loaders like
 This package is meant only for vanilla Pure Data, as pd-extended provides this
 functionality built-in.
(new) puredata-import_1.3.orig.tar.gz optional sound
Changes: puredata-import (1.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial release (Closes: #596718)
  * Fixed puredata Depends.

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