On 2010-11-04 22:51, Felipe Sateler wrote:

>> Yeah, it is annoying for sure.  The problem is that this particular object
>> is widely used and has been distributed and used like this since 2003ish.
> Can't it be distributed within puredata itself?

hmm, i'd rather have the "puredata" package follow the upstream package
 "pd" as closely as possible, without adding objects.
so people using "pd-vanilla" (that is: upstream pd without any
additional libraries), are 100% compatible with people using only
debian's "puredata" package.

i'd probably go for a "pd-plugins-misc" (name to be discussed) package
that distributes a number of _trivial_ 3rd party objects ("trivial"
meaning, that they don't justify separate packaging)

> Usage in a helpfile does not really warrant a Depends relation.
> Recommends or Suggests are better.

i couldn't have said this better.

(esp. in this very case, where the help-patch is fully functional even
without pd-pddp installed; having pd-pddp only allows to have a
clickable link in the help-patch for more information, instead of a
(harmless) error on the pd-console)


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