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> Usage in a helpfile does not really warrant a Depends relation. > Recommends or Suggests are better.

i couldn't have said this better.

(esp. in this very case, where the help-patch is fully functional even without pd-pddp installed; having pd-pddp only allows to have a clickable link in the help-patch for more information, instead of a (harmless) error on the pd-console)

I'm not sure if I understand correctly: The proposed solution is to have a missing object in help-file, unless the user does a manual install of pd-pddp? So in future Debian releases, when people open help-files they're welcomed with error messages?


In the future when advanced users - who override recommendations - open help-files they're welcomed with error messages.

Recommends are for things useful for most users but not all, i.e. things that does not cause the core functionality of the package to fail.

In the past apt-get was broken and did not respect recommends and instead treating them like suggests. This lead to the myth that recommends should be avoided.

Please aggressively use recommends, for the benfit of unusual uses of packages.

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