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Additionally, expr is GPL and arraysize is public domain, so some people will use arraysize for that reason (i.e. a proprietary app based on Pd like

Good point.

Maybe so for upstream development, but irrelevant for Debian packaging, I

The decision of wether to package or not a piece of software certainly
must consider the license available. Note that making software
proprietary is not the only reason to avoid GPLed dependencies.

All I am saying is that people decide to use libraries based on their license. I've packaged public domain, BSD, LGPL, and GPL software for Debian at this point, it doesn't affect what I package.

I am also not saying that anyone should or shouldn't use [arraysize]. I am saying that many people use it, and find it useful (myself included) and therefore I packaged it.

As for a bundle of simple Pd libs, there really aren't others like arraysize, so it'd likely be a bundle of one.

As for the 'flatspace' collection upstream, I think its a bad hack, and I plan on removing it from Pd-extended, and I won't package it.



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