On Tue, Nov 09, 2010 at 09:08:43AM +0100, G??rkan Seng??n wrote:
> If debian-multimedia is not interested in those. I will definitely keep
> maintaing them, since I also use those. So I'll just remove debian-multimedia
> from the Uploaders with the next upload...

I think this is a misunderstanding: Debian Multimedia as a team is
definitely interested (as well in the package as in team maintenance).
However, the list address should be

  Debian Multimedia Packages Maintainers 

as the packaging oriented list where bug reports etc should go and the
currently used list should rather be used for user oriented discussion.

Kind regards


PS: We most probably need a policy document which clarifies issues like
    this.  Examples are the policies of Debian Med and Debian Science.
    Not everything applies here - but might give a reasonable draft.  If
    I'm not completely wrong the documents I mentioned were originally
    drafted from the doc the Debian Perl team is using.


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