On Tue, 2010-11-09 at 18:51 -0300, Felipe Sateler wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 20:24, Hans-Christoph Steiner <h...@at.or.at> wrote:
> >
> > Hey all,
> >
> > So I've been threatening with all those ITPs, now here's some more
> > delivery ;).  Here are a slew of short-form DH Pd library packages in
> > two major families: simple and not-simple.  They are all looking for
> > sponsors :)
> >
> > simple
> > ------
> > pd-ekext
> Uploaded. Please for the next upload inlude some text on pd and
> puredata in the long description (that way if I search for pure data I
> can find it). This comment applies for all pd libraries.

Thank you!

> > pd-pan
> Please update the changelog when updating the package. The timestamp
> helps people tell when was the last time someone worked on a package.
> Also the long description is too short

Updated changelog and description and pushed.

> > pd-purepd
> I don't get the point of this package. Why reimplement builtin pd
> objects in pd? Also, it depends on pd-list-abs which does not exist
> yet.

Pd patches are scripts rather than binaries so having things implemented
in Pd means you can bundle them with a project and they'll work on any
platform.  Also, those objects are not re-implementing objects built
into the core of Pd, but rather from other libraries.  This library is a
dependency for a few other libraries as well.  

pd-list-abs is almost done, just waiting on final sign-off from the
upstream author.  I guess all new packages with interdependencies need
to be uploaded all together?

> > not-simple (have patches and other oddities)
> > --------------------------------------------
> > pd-ext13
> Please update the changelog. And provide some explanation on what does
> it actually do in the short and long descriptions. The git repository
> is dirty with debhelper files.

Done. I also added linux-libc-dev as a Build-Dep since the package uses
linux/cdrom.h and linux/soundcard.h. I hope this makes sense.

> > pd-hcs
> Again, the changelog. It depends on pd-cyclone which is not on debian
> yet. 

pd-cyclone and pd-unauthorized are in the works, they are both
dependencies of packages that I have uploaded to git.debian.org.

> It also depends on pd-purepd, why? can't it use the pd builtins?

It uses hard-coded names to purepd objects, that's why there is the
Depends.  And it uses objects that are not in 'puredata', so it doesn't
really matter if its from pd-purepd or another, there will need to be a

> The lintian override in this case is not worth working around IMO (the
> image-file-in-usr-lib one). Just override it. Also, in the long
> description please elaborate on the objects contained in the package.

Ok, noted for future packages.  I figured there might be some security
issue with images in /usr/lib since JPEGs have been known to be

> > pd-pddp
> The changelog needs to be updated. There is no need for the BSD file
> reference, it will be going away, and you already copied the entire
> license. Same comment on the lintian warning as in the prevoius
> package.

Updated timestamp in changelog.

> > pd-moonlib
> Not in the git repository yet.

It is now... sorry about that.

> I've been thinking: all packages need to do the same fiddling with the
> license and the shlibdeps thingy. Would it be possible to abstract
> this in a makefile snippet? Hopefully one that is not tied to short
> form dh.

That would be possible, but perhaps a patch to dh_shlibdeps would be the
way to do it properly?

Here's an updated version of the above list:

simple (without new dependencies)

with patches 

still missing new dependencies

in the works (not uploaded to git.debian.org yet)


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