On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 03:00, Hans-Christoph Steiner <h...@at.or.at> wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-11-09 at 18:51 -0300, Felipe Sateler wrote:
>> On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 20:24, Hans-Christoph Steiner <h...@at.or.at> wrote:
>> > pd-pan
>> Please update the changelog when updating the package. The timestamp
>> helps people tell when was the last time someone worked on a package.
>> Also the long description is too short
> Updated changelog and description and pushed.

Uploaded, with a modified changelog.

>> > pd-purepd
>> I don't get the point of this package. Why reimplement builtin pd
>> objects in pd? Also, it depends on pd-list-abs which does not exist
>> yet.
> Pd patches are scripts rather than binaries so having things implemented
> in Pd means you can bundle them with a project and they'll work on any
> platform.  Also, those objects are not re-implementing objects built
> into the core of Pd, but rather from other libraries.  This library is a
> dependency for a few other libraries as well.

Ah and it uses different names then, I gather.

> pd-list-abs is almost done, just waiting on final sign-off from the
> upstream author.  I guess all new packages with interdependencies need
> to be uploaded all together?

Ehm, interdependencies (aka circular dependencies) are not allowed. If
pd-list-abs needs pd-purepd and purepd needs list-abs, you will need
to break the circular dependency somehow (by splitting binary
packages, probably).
But on the more general issue, one cannot upload packages that depend
on packages not in debian.

>> > not-simple (have patches and other oddities)
>> > --------------------------------------------
>> > pd-ext13
>> Please update the changelog. And provide some explanation on what does
>> it actually do in the short and long descriptions. The git repository
>> is dirty with debhelper files.
> Done. I also added linux-libc-dev as a Build-Dep since the package uses
> linux/cdrom.h and linux/soundcard.h. I hope this makes sense.

Uploaded, again with a pruned changelog.

>> > pd-hcs
>> Again, the changelog. It depends on pd-cyclone which is not on debian
>> yet.
> pd-cyclone and pd-unauthorized are in the works, they are both
> dependencies of packages that I have uploaded to git.debian.org.
>> It also depends on pd-purepd, why? can't it use the pd builtins?
> It uses hard-coded names to purepd objects, that's why there is the
> Depends.  And it uses objects that are not in 'puredata', so it doesn't
> really matter if its from pd-purepd or another, there will need to be a
> Depends.


>> The lintian override in this case is not worth working around IMO (the
>> image-file-in-usr-lib one). Just override it. Also, in the long
>> description please elaborate on the objects contained in the package.
> Ok, noted for future packages.  I figured there might be some security
> issue with images in /usr/lib since JPEGs have been known to be
> exploitable.

But how would installing them into usr/share will make them
unexploitable? Anyways, what is exploitable is a given jpeg viewer,
not he file format itself.
Finally, I meant that you should drop it from this package too, not
only future ones.

>> > pd-pddp
>> The changelog needs to be updated. There is no need for the BSD file
>> reference, it will be going away, and you already copied the entire
>> license. Same comment on the lintian warning as in the prevoius
>> package.
> Updated timestamp in changelog.

Same issue, please revert the moving around of the jpeg file.

>> > pd-moonlib
>> Not in the git repository yet.
> It is now... sorry about that.

Please, update the changelog and same issue with moving the images around.

>> I've been thinking: all packages need to do the same fiddling with the
>> license and the shlibdeps thingy. Would it be possible to abstract
>> this in a makefile snippet? Hopefully one that is not tied to short
>> form dh.
> That would be possible, but perhaps a patch to dh_shlibdeps would be the
> way to do it properly?

I'm not quite sure. What do others think?

> Here's an updated version of the above list:
> simple (without new dependencies)
> --------------------------
> pd-bsaylor
> pd-cxc
> pd-markex
> pd-mjlib
> pd-pan
> pd-sigpack
> pd-smlib
> pd-windowing
> with patches
> ------------
> pd-ext13
> pd-maxlib
> pd-moonlib
> pd-pddp
> pd-pdogg
> still missing new dependencies
> ------------------------------
> pd-hcs
> pd-mapping
> pd-purepd
> in the works (not uploaded to git.debian.org yet)
> -------------------------------------------------
> pd-cyclone
> pd-jmmmp
> pd-list-abs
> pd-unauthorized

Please, one e-mail per package!


Felipe Sateler

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