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> Am 12.11.2010 08:09, schrieb Reinhard Tartler:
>> I'd suggest to wait for lame to be ACCEPTED or REJECTED. ftp-master
>> seems to consider it unredistributable licensewise. Or port the pd-libs
> Is this because of the two extra clauses that Andres mentioned? IMHO
> they do only add more freedom (clause 1) and ensure that LAME is not
> used to enforce patents (clause 2).

The second would be compatible with GPLv3, but not GPLv2. lame does not
grant an upgrade to GPLv3.

>> to libavcodec and hope that someone finally finishes Michael's mp3
>> encoder.
> Yes, but LAMe is still *the* OSS MP3 encoder. For example, I remember
> that libavcodec implementations of AAC encoding and decoding suffered
> from regressions if compared to FAAC/FAAD2.

FAAD is a pure decoder.

FAAC is also rather questionable licensewise, and contains quite some
material from the reference aac implementation. cf. also with this bug:


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