Dear release team,

Recently, a bug was reported against csound (#603321), which was
already fixed in upstream CVS. The bug is severity: normal, although
one could argue for a higher severity given that it segfaults whenever
using a certain opcode.

Here is the entire patch:

Description: Acquire bus lock at init time
 Otherwise we get segfaults when trying to use it at perf time
Origin: upstream, commit:1.40
--- a/OOps/bus.c
+++ b/OOps/bus.c
@@ -1056,6 +1056,8 @@
     err = csoundGetChannelPtr(csound, &(p->fp), (char*) p->iname,
                               CSOUND_AUDIO_CHANNEL | CSOUND_OUTPUT_CHANNEL);
     if (LIKELY(!err)) {
+      p->lock = csoundGetChannelLock(csound, (char*) p->iname,
+                             CSOUND_AUDIO_CHANNEL | CSOUND_OUTPUT_CHANNEL);
       p->h.opadr = (SUBR) chnclear_opcode_perf;
       return OK;

Would this be acceptable for squeeze? If not, I will not upload to
leave the window open for a possible RC bug fix via unstable.


Felipe Sateler

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