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pd-ggee is a short-form dh package that is a lightly modified version of the standard Makefile. pd-ggee in on git.debian.org/pkg- multimedia. It is a library without depends that are new packages but a couple of other
ITP'ed packages depend on it.


I'm not quite comfortable with the license, and I am no legalese
person so I try to stick to standard-licensed software... Could you
please run this license through the debian-legal list to get some
input on it? My concern is specifically about the last paragraph.

Yeah, the license is a bit weird, I don't know what its "officially" called, but it is the same text as the [incr Tcl] license, which is included in Debian:

http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/i/itcl3/itcl3_3.4~b1-2/ itcl3.copyright

The only difference is that the GOVERNMENT USE section is more verbose in the itcl license, but they reference the same regulation numbers.



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