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Hi all,

This is my first post on this ml, so I start by introducing myself: my
name's Stefano and I am the lead developer behind NASPRO and I'm
pretty much involved with LV2 development.

Alessio Treglia suggested me to subscribe during a short IRC
conversion we had, after I offered to help with LV2. Unlickily, I'm
not a Debian (or derivative) user myself (yet the other guy who helps
me with NASPRO is), so I don't know how much I will be able to
actually contribute, yet I would be glad to give a hand when possible.

I'm replying to this post in particular since there's a little
inaccuracy in the description of NASPRO:

2010/11/13 Felipe Sateler <>:
>  * NASPRO: Convenient library to implement LV2 dynamic manifest
>   plugins. It's available in Sid.

Well, that's actually the current version (0.2.0) of NASPRO core,
that's only one of the pieces. There's also the bridges (LADSPA and
DSSI to LV2) and the Permafrost compiler... but however I don't really
care. :-)

Coming to more relevant things, here we are developing a new version
of the whole thing from scratch and we would like to have it well
supported (i.e., packaged and easily available) on Debian (I mean, in

In our opinion, and according to our roadmap, it wouldn't really be
wise before the 0.2.93 version will be released (that should happen
around the beginning of March if everything goes well), since dynamic
manifest support, that is needed for the bridges to work, is not
properly implemented by current releases of any LV2 host/support
library yet.

In this regard, I ask you whether there is anything we should do to
make this happen.

However, for anything LV2-related, we are here. :-)

Best regards,

Stefano D'Angelo

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