Hi Adrian,

On Montag, 15. November 2010, Adrian Knoth wrote:
> >   /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf.disabled         not owned
> Ok, that's easy to fix, I'll do it in a minute.


> I agree. Unfortunately, there was this mail on d-a-a today about
> tightened unblock policy. So if you want to have this fixed in Squeeze,
> I feel someone (you? me?) needs to raise the priority to serious.

Inflating bugs to try to bend the rules is not good.

If the fix for this bug is trivial and you have a severe bug to fix anyway, 
I'm quite sure the release team would accept it if you'd use the opportunity 
to fix this bug too, else fix it later.

piuparts.d.o detected 48 packages in sid with this kind of problem, and I dont 
even let it do this test in squeeze, cause for squeeze I rather want to 
concentrate on the more severe issues. Because, if a package fails due to 
*any* piuparts issue, piuparts will not test packages which depend on it (ie 
in sid no packages depending on jack1 or jack2 will be tested, as jack1+2 
have failed tests). 

(So please fix this in sid ASAP (which can/could be after the release...) so 
more packages in sid get tested and severe problems are found, before they 
enter squeeze/wheezy.)

And so, while this is a clear policy violation, it's also not such a severe 
policy violation that we must fix it immediatly. 
http://piuparts.debian.org/sid/ shows too many anyway! /squeeze/ looks much 
better though.

Thanks for keeping Debian in good shape!


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