On 15/11/10 18:46, Christophe Mutricy wrote:
Le Mon 15 Nov 10 à 08:03 +0000, Ben Whyall a écrit :
I am trying to use VLC on my machine but get the shrunken video with no
colour to it.   I have previously had debian-multimedia.org packages
installed but I believe I have removed them all.  Is it possible to
identify why this would be happening without raising a bug as I am
pretty sure it will be because I have still got a package from the wrong
archive installed.
Looks like you still have some bits. Most likely culprit is libavutil50


Tried libavutil50 with a reinstall and it didnt resolve the issue, although the package definitely came from standard repository in unstable.

I still get a message about swscale I can get a sensible output by specifying the sdl plugin.

Do I still have packages from debian-multimedia is there an easy way to tell.


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