Package: vlc
Version: 1.1.5-1

Using VLC 1.1.4-1 and 1.1.5-1 on Ubuntu 10.10. When I try to stream
and transcode from my webcam, the image I stream is always stretched
vertically. Note that if I select to stream without

transcoding, the image, in either case, looks normal. Please keep in
mind that this bug seems to be only reproducible with Ubuntu. In
Windows everything works as expected. I tried several webcams, with
similar results.

To reproduce:
0. Make sure you have a webcam attached.
1. Launch vlc
2. press CTRL+C for capture from the webcam using v4l2
3. press ALT+S for streaming
4. select stream to a file (but http will do also)

5. Important: make sure you select a transcoding option. Anyone is
good, other than OGG (where this bug seem not to apply).
6. Start the stream and wait a few minutes, before turning the stream OFF.

Expected: the file (or http stream) should have an image with the
correct aspect ratio.

Actual: the video is deformed (in my case vertically elongated.

The bug has been reported both upstream:

and in launchpad:

I have been working with upstream to test possible causes and patches.
I prepared a working patch for vlc 1.1.5-1 (attached).

I tested successfully under Ubuntu, test versions for Natty are available here:

 I am using Ubuntu Maverick 10.10, kernel 2.6.35 with vlc 1.1.5ubuntu1
backported to Maverick from my PPA:*maverick-bleed*/+archive/*ppa*
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