Am 20.11.2010 12:37, schrieb Alessio Treglia:
Oh god, I made a mistake.
I get a lot of confusion while trying to re-upload the package, maybe
I've switched to the wrong git branch.

You've messed up the changelog, IMHO it's not that bad and can be fixed in the next upload. ;)

What's a bit worse is that the new package revision contains the rather intrusive bpa-stdin patch. I fear this will make it harder to convince the RT to include this revision of the faad2 package in queeze. We should have reverted it beforehand and only upload with the two minor fixes (my path_max patch and your pointer_size one).

I'd suggest to upload another package 2.7-6 with the following changes:

* Fix debian/changelog for 2.7-5
* Unapply bpa-stdin.patch (but maybe keep it in the package)

And then request a freeze exception with the debdiff between 2.7-4 and 2.7-6.

 - Fabian

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