On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 12:55:10 (CET), Adrian Knoth wrote:

> So for the very group of audio producers, Squeeze (and unstable) is
> already outdated, that's where i...@bandshed is right. OTOH, this
> statement doesn't necessarily holds true for all the other packages we
> maintain, e.g., video players.

Is experimental up-to-date?

If yes, would it be worth (and more importantly, do we have a volunteer)
to copy them to a 'special Add-on archive' so that users can easily
upgrade to them and get 'better' packages than currently in the archive?

This 'special Add-on archive' could be:
 a) squeeze-backports
 b) debimedia
 c) some extra archive (on alioth or somewhere else)

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