Adi, Well hmmm

I can't elaborate much more than that unfortunately, it was not discussed
in specifics but a standalone binary (like the others you mentioned) was
the general idea, Seablade also said something similar on the Ardour forum
recently again without any detail.

A sincere and heartfelt "THANK-YOU!!!" for the updated JACK and FFADO
stuff, I am still shipping JACK1 to satisfy some 3rd party dependencies
but I'll look forward to it whenever you get to it.

At the risk of sounding stupid (well perhaps stupid-er), I have this
'experimental' line in my sources.list:

deb experimental main non-free contrib
deb-src experimental main non-free contrib

However there doesn't seem to be any of the pkg-multimedia stuff in there
I'm looking for, am I missing another or different experimental

Guidance appreciated, and thanks again for your attention to JACK, FFADO,
and Ardour packaging!

Best -GLEN

> On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 11:00:47AM -0800, wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hi!
>> I don't pretend to be as 'in the loop' as you guys but speaking to Paul
>> Davis on Ardour IRC a few weeks ago it seemed Ardour was going to
>> migrate
>> to a self contained binary model (like Renoise or EnergyXT has).
> Could you elaborate on this? I've seen a single line like "we're going
> to provide the binary, so we don't have to rely on the distro", but I
> don't know how much work has already been put into this.
> Anyway, there's still the code, and we can at least try and compile on
> our own. Like chromium-browser or openoffice: Debian provides
> self-compiled versions, but the user is always free to pick up the
> upstream provided one.
> For your convenience: I just uploaded updated FFADO and jackd2
> (including jack-session) to experimental. I'll also update jackd1 soon,
> but Paul said something about an upcoming release, so I'll wait a couple
> of days.
> We then try to get this into squeeze-backports, so squeeze-users won't
> need to recompile everything.
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