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Pd library for Vector Base Amplitude Panning spatialization
 This a library for Pure Data that provides objects for realtime Vector Base
 Amplitude Panning.  Vector Base Amplitude Panning (VBAP) is a method for
 positioning virtual sources to arbitrary directions using a setup of multiple
 loudspeakers. In VBAP the number of loudspeakers can be arbitrary, and they
 can be positioned in an arbitrary 2-D or 3-D setups. VBAP produces virtual
 sources that are as sharp as is possible with current loudspeaker
 configuration and amplitude panning methods, since it uses at one time the
 minimum number of loudspeakers needed, one, two, or three.
 With 2-D setups VBAP is a reformulation of the existing pair-wise panning
 method. Different from other panning algorithms, VBAP can be generalized for
 3-D loudspeaker setups as a triplet-wise panning method. A sound signal is
 then applied to one, two, or three loudspeakers simultaneously. VBAP has
 certain advantages compared to earlier virtual source positioning methods in
 arbitrary layouts. Previous methods either used all loudspeakers to produce
 virtual sources, which results in some artefacts, or they used loudspeaker
 triplets with a non-generalizable 2-D user interface.
 The directional qualities of virtual sources generated with VBAP can be
 stated as follows. Directional coordinates used for this purpose are the
 angle between a position vector and the median plane (θcc), and the angle
 between a projection of a position vector to the median plane and frontal
 direction (Φcc). The perceived θcc direction of a virtual source coincides
 well with the VBAP panning direction when a loudspeaker set is near the
 median plane. When the loudspeaker set is moved towards a side of a listener,
 the perceived θcc direction is biased towards the median plane. The perceived
 Φcc direction of an amplitude-panned virtual source is individual and cannot
 be predicted with any panning law.
(new) pd-vbap_1.0.3.1.orig.tar.gz optional sound
Changes: pd-vbap ( unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial release (Closes: #603198)

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