* Reimar Döffinger <reimar.doeffin...@gmx.de> [20101126 21:58]:
> On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 10:55:55PM +0100, Thomas Arendsen Hein wrote:
> > When playing a DVD or any other file with 5.1 channel 48000 Hz audio using 
> > the
> > hrtf audio filter and either using -speed to change the playback speed or
> > using [ or ] keys to change it during play, mplayer crashes.
> Should be fixed by upstream SVN r32648.

Just reproduced with r32647 and fix confirmed with r32648.

> However note that
> 1) audio will still stop playing

Hmm, is there no easy way to make the sound come back after
returning to normal speed?

> 2) it is just a NULL dereference
> So it is probably of little if any relevance really.

Good to hear.


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