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Subject:        [Jack-Devel] packagers of jack2 (1.9.X) please read
Date:   Tue, 30 Nov 2010 09:37:12 -0500
From:   Paul Davis <p...@linuxaudiosystems.com>
To:     JACK <jack-de...@lists.jackaudio.org>

Earlier this year, a patch was added to the waf build scripts for
jack2 that make the building of each backend optional and disabled by

Please ensure that any packages of jack2 that you make available have
AT LEAST the ALSA backend built. It also seems sensible that the dummy
and net backends should be included in any package.  There is less to
say about the firewire backend, since support for this may depend on
your kernel's support for the appropriate kernel firewire stack. If
the target for the package does have the appropriate kernel&
user-space support required for FFADO, then the firewire backend
should almost certainly be included as well.
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