retitle 605052 libdca-utils: please allow raw WAV output modes
severity 605052 wishlist

Hi Sergio,

thank you very much for your investigation.

Am 01.12.2010 12:09, schrieb Sergio:
"File larger than allowed for WAV files, may play truncated!"
So it seems like to be a WAV format limitation...
So duration is about 2/3 of real length for 6GiB and 1/3 for 12GiB,
looks like wav headers use uint32 to store data stream size counted in

The question is, what shall we do with this bug report then, if the cause is really simply a limitation in the WAV header format?

So I understand I can get usable "wav" soundtrack if I trim wav header
from dcadec output to get "raw" data?..
If it is really WAV format limitation, it would be nice to have "raw",
"rawdolby", "raw6", "rawall" output modes in dcadec (and warning for
wav-output somewhere). It would also be nice to have option in various
sound processing programs that would force them to ignore wave header
"length" value and just read data until EOF.

Alright, so I have just retitled this report. However, there isn't much I can do about the other "various sound processing programs" that rely on the header information.

I'm afraid, a52dec may share this problem with large WAVs. For
somewhat reason it doesn't support wavall and wav6 output at all.

It probably uses another version of libao internally.

ffprobe in my installation prints some error with libraries on start
and nothing more.

Most probably due to mixing of ffmpeg libraries with the ones from d-m.o.

        In addition to this one, there is error with output-error
        in case of running out of disk space (that is very possible with
        so giant WAVs) no error reported, no error status returned, and
        decoding process continues to nowhere.

    Alright, that's a completely different issue (and certainly worth
    its own bug report) and I'll try to have a look at it sooner or later.

Regarding this "bug"... IIRC dcadec just blabbers to stdout and this is redirected to some file via the ">" operator by the shell. Isn't it then the shell's duty to handle the file operator (so there isn't much dcadec can do) or am I missing something?

 - Fabian

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