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Rewrite copyright file: Main licensing changed; Authors dropped; Lack of licensing added!!!

-Copyright: 1997-2005, Miller Puckette
-           1997-2007, Krzysztof Czaja
-           2003-2010, Hans-Christoph Steiner
-           2004-2005, Carmen Rocco
-           2009, IOhannes m. zmoelnig

+Copyright: 1997-2005, 2007, krzYszcz
+       1997-2005, Miller Puckette

Please note that I dropped authors (or more accurately: copyright holders) not mentioned anywhere else as such.

If e.g. IOhannes m. zmoelnig is mentioned due to Debian packaging, I suggest to add a copyright (and licensing! they always go together) statement in ebian/rules, and keep debian/copyright as a reference file rather than containing unique info on its own.

NB! This is a kind suggestion only. It is not mandated by Debian Policy AFAIK. But it really helps for things like semi-automated copyright checking if separated like that.

+Copyright: cycling'74;
+License: NONE
+Files: ./bin/pddp/pddpserver.tcl
+Copyright: 1996-1997, Sun Microsystems
+License: NONE

Above two must be fixed!

I did not update changelog, as I am uncertain if current entry was already released or not.

 - Jonas

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