2010/12/3 IOhannes zmölnig <zmoel...@iem.at>:
> hi all,
> based on previous suggestion i started to create a (debian native)
> package "pd-pkg-tools", which should make packaging of pd-libraries easier.


> currently it only contains new snippets for cdbs, but on the long run
> i'd like to have dh-shortform makefile snippets as well.
> the package itself uses CDBS.
> i haven't filed an ITP yet (is there any difference between a
> debian/native package and a normal "upstream" package, regarding debian
> policy?...probably i should just have a look at the dp :-))
> also i don't know whether this is a welcome addition to pkg-multimedia.
> therefore, for the time being, i have only pushed the package to my
> repository at github:
> https://github.com/umlaeute/pd-pkg-tools

I would welcome it.

> so if somebody could have a look i would be grateful.
> esp, my cdbs knowledge is probably not very sophisticated (yet), so i
> might have done all the DONTs (e.g. i still have no real clue what is
> supposed to go into "class" and what should go into "rules")

I think this should go into rules, but Jonas can give a more informed answer.

> so far i have packaged one very simple pd-library with it, and the
> debian/rules file boils down to 3 lines (without the boiler-plate).
> this package (pd-syslog) is currently also on github
> https://github.com/umlaeute/pd-syslog
> since i was unsure about it's hard dependency on pd-pkg-tools.
> comments please

The documentation is a bit wrong: The pd Depends is not handled yet.

Maybe the Depends should be expanded to a new substvar?

Wild wishlist... would it be possible to detect if the installed pd
patches/objects use another library? So that the appropriate depends
are added?


Felipe Sateler

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