On 12/03/10 14:24, rosea.grammostola wrote:

> Sort of, but there are a few gotchas. The organ (by design) is very
> computationally heavy. Therefor it really needs to be compiled with SSE.
> I don't really think you can even run it on a machine without SSE,
> because such processors tend to be too slow anyway. Also, it would make

I've just tried this, and it works perfectly without SSE. Luckily, the
code in question doesn't contain hardcoded SSE instructions, so it boils
down to a simple makefile patch, overriding the CFLAGS.

On amd64, we might want to enable the tree vectorizer and SSE, but as
seen on x86, it also works without.

> I have some improvements in SVN anyway which need releasing, so we could
> work together to do a more robust release compatible with debian packaging.

JFTR: I tried the svn repo.


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