On 12/03/2010 03:23 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> It seems to contain *only* hooks for CDBS and (in the future)
> debhelper), no other PD-specific ressource.  I therefore suggest to try

well, this could change at any time :-)

> convince the maintainers of CDBS and debhelper, respectively, to adopt
> in in their packages, rather than maintaining this special-purpose package.

well, i thought it would probably be of minor interest to the entirety
of DDs using cdbs to have pd-specific parts in it (it's not that i
expect a use as wide as with perl or python).

so i picked one of the precedents (namely ruby-pkg-tools) and modelled
my package after that.

> With my CDBS maintainer hat on, I'd be happy to adopt the CDBS parts
> into CDBS itself!

this of course would make long term maintainance easier...


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