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The upload would be:


It had better set something similar to:


This makes us able to drop the ~dfsg component if upstream will decide to release another DFSG-clean tarball in future.

Ahhh, that makes sense.

Just for my own personal education here ( since I'm still learning ), will dpkg fail if:


not get overriden by:


( I used 3 to try to force the condition that I'm thinking about )

It seems (one of) you are confusing upstream and Debian version parts.

"1.0" in above is the upstream version, and "1" (or "2" or "3") is the Debian version.

What is not DFSG free is the pristine _upstream_ source, and therefore we want to indicate that we are using a slightly distorted _upstream_ part instead of the pristine one.

So the complete version should be this:


And to (try to) answer your question, Debian version resolvers rank "~" as "just below" numeric characters and "+" and as "just above".

So if upstream re-release same code without DFSG-nonfree parts, we are able to package that as "1.0-1" because that ranks higher than the "just below" versioning.

For normal Debian packaging uploads you should use simple integers. Use of "~" and "+" in Debian part of the version string is for unusual uploads like backports, NMUs, etc.

Hope that helps.

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