Dear mentors,

I am looking for a sponsor for my package "deadbeef".

* Package name    : deadbeef
  Version         : 0.4.4~dfsg-1
  Upstream Author : Alexey Yakovenko <waker at>
* URL             :
* License         : Mostly GPL-2+ and LGPL-2+
  Section         : sound

It builds these binary packages:
deadbeef   - Ultimate Music Player For GNU/Linux
deadbeef-plugins - Plugins for DeaDBeeF music player
deadbeef-plugins-dev - Plugins for DeaDBeeF music player (development files)

The package appears to be lintian clean.

The upload would fix these bugs: 576975 (ITP)

I removed all the non DFSG-compliant files (which are documented in
README.source) and also added a get-orig-source rule (thanks to Paul,
Alessio and Jonas for the help).

I managed to get all the patches to work and finished the debian/copyright,
so the todo list [0] is now empty (besides the review part).

I would be glad if someone reviewed it and created a git repo.

The package can be found on
- URL:
- Source repository: deb-src unstable main 
contrib non-free
- dget

Kind regards
 Alessandro Ghedini


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