On 2010-12-06 18:34, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> i just noticed that i forgot the "fixes: #605827" clause in the git commits.
> should i just regenerate the changelog, add the "fixes" clause and
> commit and then wait for somebody to upload the package?

i found a loophole the push a sensible commit that also contains
"Closes: #605827" [1].

so if anybody has time, please do something like:
$ git fetch
$ git-dch
$ git commit -m "upload to unstable"
$ git-buildpackage --git-tag
$ dupload ...
$ git push

with proper supervision....


[1] what i did was to add some more missing dep-3 headers to the
relevant patches, which is not the most elegant solution.
only after i pushed _that_ i discovered that it should be fairly simple
to 'tag' the relevant commits with a special meta-tag, which would make
git-dch add the "closes" clause automatically. however, i haven't found
any documentation on how to do this exactly, does anybody know more
about this?

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