Am 07.12.2010 20:48, schrieb Reinhard Tartler:
In Message-ID:<>, Thomas Goirand made the
very generous offer for DDs to Host a machine for any debian
purpose. I've accepted the offer to host drive the debimedia archive:

Wow, this sounds all great, thanks to you and Thomas!

Technically, I now have access to a xen instance with 20gig space and
512mb RAM. I'd like to move the current debmedia archive to this
host. Because we now these additional ressources, I think we can even
setup a pbuilder for building i386/amd64 packages. I imagine that with
this, we can also extend the archive to hold backports of "important"
multimedia packages for stable users. Well, you get the idea.

Well, I don't right now. ;)

Given that lame, xvidcore and x264 are currently sitting in the NEW queue and there are chances they will get accepted into Debian, I guess nearly *all* the other packages that are listed on our wiki page can be provided by Debian as well (i.e. think of feature-enhanced gstreamer, ffmpeg, mplayer, vlc, et al). As soon as the packages are in the official Debian archive, it is posible to provide backports for them via the official way, i.e. via

So what are the debimedia core packages and is there still a need for debimedia at all if the aforementioned packages get really accepted into the Debian archive?

The setup of the machine is not finished. Please contact me in private
if you are interested in helping out with planning and/or setup of the
machine. Perhaps we can also schedule an irc meeting for discussing
further steps.

Of course I am interested, but we should discuss the points I raised before to prevent doing unnecessary work.


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