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I subscribed pkg-multimedia-maintainers and pkg-multimedia-commits already. I also have a alioth account.


Please request membership at the bottom right of https://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-multimedia/

Then one of our admins (I am just a "Senior developer", not sure why) will grant you membership :-)

It's great if I have change to review other's work. The big problem for me now is I'm not familiar with managing bugs in Debian, I only know how to report bugs :).

First stop is read pages below here: http://www.debian.org/Bugs/

Then get more and more involved in bugs: For packages you care about (e.g. Multimedia packages) look at open bugs against them, and post to the bugreport (i.e. 123...@bugs.debian.org, replacing number with actual bug number) contributing with your knowledge - whether that is requests for the bug reporter to provide more details or perhaps that you have ideas on how to solve some issue.

Most bug handling is exchange of information, not juggling bugtracker hints.

Of course, if you know for sure what is the solution to a bug, and you are the maintainer of that package, then go ahead and fix it and close the bugreport.

...or when you know, and are part of a team like here but not (yet) directly involved with that particular package, then ask ahead if ok to dive in and fix the issue.

Or simply follow this list and see the flow of how others work - and how the flow of our git commits go along with it.

Most importantly: Do ask questions! :-)

Just beware that when you ask very open questions (like "how do I pakcage and handle bugreports in Debian) then expect to get very broad and open responses (like this one) ;-)

Welcome aboard!

 - Jonas

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