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+  * Update copyright with upstream's email change, new year
+  * Update Ryan's copyright years

Seems to me that above should be merged (i.e. second line stripped).

  * We forgot to run git-dch before uploading. I updated the changelog blurb
-    for 1.0.4-1, everything after "Added myself tothe packaging copyright" is
+    for 1.0.4-1, everything after "Added myself to the packaging copyright" is
    an addition to that version's changelog.

Above does not look like a changelog entry to me. Please consider rephrasing - or drop it completely if it does not relate to any real change in the resulting packaging.

+  * Bump to debhelper 8
+  * Bump compat to 8
+  * Drop CDBS from B-D
+  * Update rules to use dh8
+  * We need to run autogen.sh ourselves

Above could be merged to a single line like this:

  * Rewrite rules file using short-form debhelper v8 (was CDBS).

In addition to the shortening, that also corrects the bogus notion of being an "update": You might (unlike some, including me) consider CDBS inferior to short-form dh, but one is not a successor for the other - they are just different, and both actively in use!

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