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> * copyright file
Done. I've put myself and you in the copyright for debian/* with GPL-3+ license (just like the upstream sources), is this ok for you?

Sure. Though I don't know if our work needs licensing. ;) Some packages include them, others don't, and I wasn't able to find a recommendation in the policy file.

I guess it's safe to keep it in, also GPL-3+ shouldn't do any harm. (but I haven't checked it in detail, IANAL)

If any other files (which are used for the resulting binaries) is GPL-2 (i.e. without permitting later revisions), then they are incompatible.

...at least in spirit. Legally they might still work together if the Debian part does not include any linked code (i.e. only build scripts, no patches to upstream code).

Also, it limits the ability to reuse across packages, due to same kind of limitations.

Therefore I generally license Debian parts as GPL-2+ when the packaging is compatible with GPL-2, and otherwise with same licensing as upstream.

I always claim copyright for and license debian parts, to promote the _spirit_ of Free Software (as opposed to freeware).

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