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I do see notice of copyright in debian/copyright with each line marked Copyright: I know the proprietary software Cycling '74 Max/MSP uses code from Pd, which is BSD licensed. They do include the line of credit in their own copyright statement, but they don't include the actual BSD license file that I could find. So I'm not the only one to have that opinion.

Two wrongs don't make a right.

I was just illustrating that it is common practice, tho its not 100% correct according to the letter of license. Duplicating the copyright notice alone does certainly fully respect the spirit of the license, IMHO.

Ah, ok.


It is not obvious to me why did you referenced that page. Was it because it mentions copyright notices no longer required in USA jurisdiction? Well, that is irrelevant for my point, as I am not talking about claiming copyright, but about obeying a license: the _license_ requires copyrigh notices to be reserved IN ALL COPIES.

I was trying to point out that the notice is not the license, its just the "Copyright 2000, Hans-Christoph Steiner" line.

Ahh - I understand you now.

Makes sense to me.  Thanks for your ptience with me :-)

- Jonas

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