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pd-purepd is a library of common operations implemented in Pd rather than C. Its a fledgling effort somewhat akin to the pypy implementation
of Python in Python.

pd-purepd is a short-form dh package that uses the same standard
Makefile as pd-motex, pd-maxlib, etc. It is on
git.debian.org/pkg-multimedia. It is a library without any special
Build-Depends.  It does depend on pd-pddp which is in NEW.

And also in pd-list-abs.

And remember to upadte the changelog!

Hehe, thanks for the reminder! I made a new upstream release 0.1.1 to get rid of the list-abs dependency, and imported into the pd-purepd git.
I think this one is ready to go!

(and I even updated the changelog and its timestamp!)


Thanks! Ok, I have two more in waiting: pd-hcs and pd-mapping. I'll post about those now.



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