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i have a question on how the exclusion of files from the upstream tarball can be handled and maintained.

as far as i understand, you just use
$ git-import-orig --filter="*proprietary*" /path/to/upstream_1.0.tar.gz

which will exclude all files matching *proprietary* from the debian
"upstream" tarball (what's the right terminology, btw?)

this is all fine, but how is this maintained over time?
e.g. next upstream release i have to do the same thing again.
however, considering that we do a lot of packaging, how am i to keep
track of all this?

shouldn't all this exclusion be documented somewhere, e.g. in

Instead of above, I include the upstream-tarball.mk CDBS snippet, declare with DEB_UPSTREAM_REPACKAGE_EXCLUDES what to exclude, and the "debian/rules get-orig-source" then automagically repackages a DFSG-free tarball from the pristine tarball offered upstream.

And yes, in addition to that, I also mention the stripped parts in debian/copyright. I personally consider such note required, but recent discussions about DEP5 indicated that not all agree with that.

An example of this packaging style is in the csound package. Beware, though, that the copyright comments use leading "X-" which is discouraged in recent DEP5 discussions.

Another - simpler and newer - example is gmerlin-avdecoder. Whoops, I forgot to add the notes in the copyright file there. Also, current release actually does not make use of the get-orig-source magic as Allessio hand-roled a tarball from upstream VCS source.

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