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Severity: important

FFmpeg supports a wide range of codecs.  Please elaborate on why you believe this particular combination is "important" for Debian generally.

`ogg' format and `libtheora' codec are one of the well known free and open source codecs which could be used by video team.

The file you tested was h264 format, though.

Yes, if I am not mistaken h264 is one of the common formats out there. I am not aware of any video gear producing OGG format by default.

In other words you find it "important *not* because it is related to the "well known free and open source" codec OGG/Theora, but instead because it is related to the "common" codec h264?

Thanks for clarifying.

The video team, I believe, use gear which output DV format video, so should not be affected by this bug. More info here: http://dvswitch.alioth.debian.org/wiki/

Could you please test with an OGG/Theora file with packages from unstable?

I tested on 'squeeze', OGV to OGG encoding seem to work fine:

great!  Thanks for testing.

 - Jonas

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