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When working with Multimedia / Proaudio on Linux | Debian, you have a lot of small packages installed pretty soon (one task one tool). With as consequence a very long list in the menu part for multimedia packages. Ubuntu Studio tries to make the situation better by providing a 'audioproduction' and 'videoproduction' menu. In my view this isn't always a good solution cause some packages are in the wrong part, displayed twice and most of the installations do still have a long list of applications.

A quick look at Tango Studio showed that they have more menu parts, one for audio mixing plugins and synths etc.


I thought, isn't there a way to make a better menu by the Debian Multimedia Team? A bit like Ubuntu Studio has done e.g. an extra menu package you can install if you want to do Multimedia production, but then better?

What do you think?

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Got no comments so far...

This is what I'm talking about (brainstorming):

Before: http://img37.imageshack.us/i/desk1007.png/

After: http://img141.imageshack.us/i/desk1008.png/

I split up Multimedia (players) and Sound & Video (production)


At this point I have 7 extra entries in Sound & Video

  1. Audio Editing (Editing, Mixing, Mastering: Audacity, jack-rack,
     lv2rack, guitarix etc )
  2. JACK (Jack and Alsa tools like qjackctl, japa, jack_mixer and
     software mixers for alsa audio cards for example)
  3. MIDI (Midi tools like Vkeybd, qsynth)
  4. Musician (Musescore notation editor, solfege, Chordata, gtklick etc)
  5. Recording (DAW: ardour, qtractor)
  6. Synth (phasex, yoshimi, puredata, Qutecsound etc.)
  7. Video Editing (pitivi, xjadeo, kino etc)

I tried to keep it as simple as possible, not to many entries and pretty broad areas cause every Debian Audio production app should be able to be entered in a certain entry...

If we want this, this means we should make a DebianMultimedia menu like the Ubuntustudio-menu package. Moreover, we should make little additions to the Desktop files of the Multimedia applications and add new categories.

A other thing that has to be thought of, is how this all applies to other WMs like KDE, XFCE etc. All though, if you create a DebianMultimedia-menu, people are free to install it or not...

Waiting for your response.

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