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When working with Multimedia / Proaudio on Linux | Debian, you have a lot of small packages installed pretty soon (one task one tool).
I thought, isn't there a way to make a better menu by the Debian Multimedia Team? A bit like Ubuntu Studio has done e.g. an extra menu package you can install if you want to do Multimedia production, but then better?

Great that you put attention to this!

An extra menu package dosn't feel very Debian to me, though. Debian logic is to propose a change to Debian Policy to have the improved organisation apply universally, not only when a certain package is installed.

   aptitude install less debian-policy
   zless /usr/share/doc/debian-policy/menu-policy.txt.gz

That said, nothing stops us from *both* work on improving the official Debian Menu System *and* some package with a custom tweak tied to one or more specific desktop menu systems. Same initial discussion that you've now opened apply to both. :-)

I split up Multimedia (players) and Sound & Video (production)


At this point I have 7 extra entries in Sound & Video

 1. Audio Editing (Editing, Mixing, Mastering: Audacity, jack-rack,
    lv2rack, guitarix etc )
 2. JACK (Jack and Alsa tools like qjackctl, japa, jack_mixer and
    software mixers for alsa audio cards for example)
 3. MIDI (Midi tools like Vkeybd, qsynth)
4. Musician (Musescore notation editor, solfege, Chordata, gtklick etc)
 5. Recording (DAW: ardour, qtractor)
 6. Synth (phasex, yoshimi, puredata, Qutecsound etc.)
 7. Video Editing (pitivi, xjadeo, kino etc)

I tried to keep it as simple as possible, not to many entries and pretty broad areas cause every Debian Audio production app should be able to be entered in a certain entry...

Let's use the same format as the Debian Menu System - both to ease passing the discussion to the debian-policy@ list later, and to help ensure we are talking about same things (e.g. where exactly in the menu hierarchy each section is placed, and what is descriptive text):

Applications/Sound & Video
    Sound & Video production

    Applications/Sound & Video/Audio Editing
        Editing, Mixing, Mastering

        Examples: audacity, jack-rack, lv2rack, guitarix

    Applications/Sound & Video/JACK
        Jack and Alsa tools

        Examples: qjackctl, japa, jack_mixer
    Applications/Sound & Video/MIDI
        Midi tools

        Examples: vkeybd, qsynth

    Applications/Sound & Video/Musician
        Music score composition, and live musician training tools

Examples: musescore, solfege, chordata, gtklick
    Applications/Sound & Video/Recording
        Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and harddisk recording (HDR)

        Examples: ardour, qtractor

    Applications/Sound & Video/Synth
        Syntesizers and programmatic sound processing

        Examples: phasex, yoshimi, puredata, qutecsound

    Applications/Sound & Video/Video Editing

Examples: pitivi, xjadeo, kino

I took the liberty to add or extend some descriptive text. Please double-check that I did not distort your intended meaning of some.

A other thing that has to be thought of, is how this all applies to other WMs like KDE, XFCE etc. All though, if you create a DebianMultimedia-menu, people are free to install it or not...

The Debian menu system has plugins for various WMs. The beauty of this is that if we stick to that, we need not deal with the details of each and every oddball WM menu engine.

  - Jonas

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