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The problem is in my experience that even if you make a menu with
alternative additional sub menus most packagers create their launchers to
strict freedesktop.org standards and the end user or distributor has to
manually edit and allocate launchers to the correct submenu. In AV Linux I
have a heavily customized menu built to the freedesktop standards and have
heavily modified /etc/xdg/applications.menu but if there is a new or 3rd
party package I haven't prepared for it still ends up in the wrong place.
I think getting something like this to work on all D.E's and with a
variety of package sources would be next to impossible.

Just my .02 input....


Thanks for you input.

It is not by accident that I mail this to the Debian Multimedia Team. It's almost impossible to reorganize the menus as a solo project. If we decide that this is a nice way to improve the state of Linux Audio and Video production on Debian, we could also drop the idea at the LAU and LAD list and take the discussion a lit broader. Also it should be possible to file bugs upstream. The more people work on a new menus structure, the better and more easy it will be. In fact, the changes to the packages are pretty small afaik.


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