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On 12/24/2010 01:53 AM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
Great that you put attention to this!

Thanks for your 0.02 ct

Nooo, no, no: Denmark is neither US nor part of Euroland.

Those were my 5 øre ;-)

I tried to keep it as simple as possible, not to many entries and pretty broad areas cause every Debian Audio production app should be able to be entered in a certain entry...

Let's use the same format as the Debian Menu System - both to ease passing the discussion to the debian-policy@ list later, and to help ensure we are talking about same things (e.g. where exactly in the menu hierarchy each section is placed, and what is descriptive text):
I took the liberty to add or extend some descriptive text. Please double-check that I did not distort your intended meaning of some.

We're talking the same language.


I suggest as a next step to put it up at http://wiki.debian.org/ somewhere. And then ask again here if anyone has additions/corrections/whatever - and when done (even if complete silence for a few weeks) file a bugreport against debian-policy cc this list (i.e. mention this list when asked for additional addresses in reportbug).

I have no experience in policy changes, so I might be wrong about the process - above is just a suggestion in case you don't know better. Please anyone do correct me if it is an ill approach.

If we decide we want something like this, would you like to contribute to this (all though if we decide it, you have no choice I think ;) )

Not sure I understand where you are getting at. Sure I will continue to contribute to Debian in general, and if policy changes then that affects my future contributions.

If you mean if I will join you in actively agitating e.g. at debian-devel@ or debian-policy@ or perhaps even take the lead, then no promises: Please do keep this list in the loop, and yell as you did yesterday if you fel too few pay attention to some specifics, then I will do my best at throwing comments when I get enlightened. But I have many many things on my TODOs and this one is not highest priority for me, sorry.

 - Jonas

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