On Tue, Dec 28, 2010 at 04:11:25PM +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Hmm.  If the intend is to maintain an overview of a relatively large  
> pile of pending tasks then using usertags seem sensible to me.
> But if the intend is to ping DDs then posting to our mailinglist is  
> better IMO.

The 'problem' is, I already mailed about it a while ago, and didn't want to
nag: after all, this is all volunteers' work, I wouldn't want to stress out
our DD's, especially in this holiday season :). 

On the other hand, I feared if I didn't take action the package would 'slip 
off the radar' and be forgotten about. That would be a shame too.

So in order to prevent that I figured it'd be nice to keep a list of 
to-be-uploaded packages, and the BTS usertags seemed to be a fairly 
simple way to accomplish that (and have them removed from the list
automatically once the upload comes though).

> When a package is in progress, the distribution field in changelog is  
> set to UNRELEASED, and when the (main) maintainer(s) feel the package is  
> ready for release the field is changed to unstable (or experimental or  
> whatever is appropriate).
> To me it seems that if we go for a more formal way to hint packages  
> being ready for release, then it makes sense to use (parts of) same  
> approach the Perl team use.  
> Perhaps it then makes sense to write a git hook which auto-applies usertags?

So when this hook is triggered it would check the changelog, and if the 
distribution field of the latest entry is something other than UNRELEASED, it 
would add the 'upload-requested' usertag to any bugs closed in this changelog 


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