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I just pushed some changes to pd-cyclone that create a split-out
package called 'cyclist'. As far as I understand it, I don't need to
this new 'cyclist' package since its split off of the pd-cyclone
package, but it does need to go thru the NEW queue.

'cyclist' is a command line utility for converting file formats that
built as part of the 'cyclone' library.  Its the only thing in
that installs into /usr/bin and has a man page, so it made sense to me
split it out. Then it can be installed on its own without puredata or
Pd libraries.

Its ready for a sponsor/uploader if you are ready for it. :)

It seems to me there isn't much point in having the cyclist binary without pd. What is the use case of converting Max/MSP patches into
text, if
not for importing into pd?

A search engine, perhaps?

It would be useful to Max/MSP users separate from Pd. And perhaps also useful to other computer music people. The binary file format is really only for Max/MSP, but the text file format is quite old, and used by a number of other members of the Max family. Pd and jMax for example,
are free software, and Max/FTS and Max/ISPW which are specialty
versions of Max.

OK. The Recommends on cyclist by pd-cyclone is not clear to me. If
these tools have different use cases, then maybe recommends is too
strong a relationship.

Since the central goal of the 'cyclone' library is for running Max/ MSP files
in Pd, and Max/MSP patches are usually distributed in the .mxb binary
format, I think it makes sense to Recommend: cyclist so that 'cyclone' users can translate .mxb files to .pat/.mxt files, which Pd can directly read.

So, if I understand correctly, pd users still need to run cyclist,
even if they have pd-cyclone installed?

Yes, cyclist is only for converting the Max/MSP-specific binary .mxb format to the more widely implemented text format .mxt/.pat. pd- cyclone is a library that allows Pd to act more like Max/MSP, but Pd only reads the .mxt/.pat format.



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