I have been redirected here from Debian-KDE mailing list. I was asking 
for someone who packages kmid2, the port to KDE4 of kmid. It seems that 
the original RFP (bug #578750) has been ignored since the past May 2010, 
and that the original packager has left Kmid probably for personal 
reasons, inviting someone else to take care of the package. Is there 
anyone interested in this task?
kmid2 is a very good application in my opinion for someone who just 
wants to listen to MIDIs and to do some karaoke in KDE because it's 
simple and with useful features like tempo and pitch control. It would 
be great to have this updated and developed version that integrates well 
within KDE4. Thank you


P.S.: please, reply to me in CC because I'm not subscribed to this 
maling list.

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