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Hi Multimedia Packaging Wizards and Wizardrettes!

Welcome, Joel,

I'm a long-time Debian user. I mainly work in perl. I'm author of nama, a text/graphic UI for multitrack recording based on Ecasound, and maintain a couple of CPAN modules. I've got an alioth account, bolangi-guest, and have been involved in the pkg-perl team.

I'm interested in seeing that an orphaned-but-useful python app, MMA - Musical Midi Accompaniment, gets updated, hopefully in time to squeeze into squeeze.

As I already mentioned at the Perl list, I am interested in helping out maintaining mma. But I am more hesitant if I am alone on it, and am ot quite sure what is your intend here: Do you just want to make us aware of this and encourage us to adopt the mma package, or (preferrably) want to join this team and get involved yourself together with those of us interested in this package as well?

If the latter, then please tell us when you've subscribed to our mailinglist (so we need not cc you on further discussions), and look through our guidelines of how our teamwork here is currently conducted: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMultimedia

Kind regards, and hope to see you join this team,

 - Jonas

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