On Wed, Jan 05, 2011 at 09:21:47 (CET), Joel Roth wrote:

> Am joined to the lists. 
> Am looking through guidelines.
> I maintain packages at pkg-perl.  I'm familiar with the
> basics of git, quilt, and the dh scripts, so if someone can
> help me get started, I will probably be able handle most of
> the updating.

In that case, welcome to the team, I've just added you to the team, so
that you have write access to all team repositories and can create new
> My immediate questions are:
> 1) The app, mma, is not in your repository. Is that
> something I can introduce?


> 2) I seem to recall that a debian package does not
> include all the files used to create it. If so,
> is there a source for the original package? (The
> source code package, perhaps?)

I don't understand the question. You claim above that you do maintain
packages with git, quilt and dh scripts in pkg-perl, we do the very same
in pkg-multimedia as well, and create source packages from the git
branches for testing, building and (restricted to DMs and DDs) uploading.

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