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also the LAU and LAD list...

What are those acronyms?
Linux Audio User and Linux Audio Developer mailinglist www.linuxaudio,org

Ah, ok.

Are they Debian-based?
No. As a member of the Debian Multimedia Team is isn't bad to follow those lists btw...

My point below was specific to this process of deciding on a menu restructuring.

If not, I suggest to keep them out of the current loop. I suspect that a deedesktop.org style menu formalisation process is a longer and more tedious process than a Debian one.

Ok, but just for the discussion. All those people use Linuxaudio (for years), so I think their suggestions would improve the Debian menu. If you want to apply these changes, I think we have to make sure that we do it well from the start.

It's just the discussion, so no freedesktop.org loop...

In meantime we could contact the debian policy list.

With "deedesktop.org style" I mean "cross-distro coordinated". If you meant to invite non-Debian-based Linux developers into a discussion specifically and only about refining a Debian(-based) policy, then fine with me (although pretty).

Feel free to do it however you like.  I can't follow your logic.

 - Jonas

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