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On 01/08/2011 01:05 AM, Felipe Sateler wrote:
Please, be descriptive in the commit messages. A commit message saying "add libblah-dev as build-depends" is not really useful, as we can see that from the patch. The point of commit messages is to explain why the changes are necessary (eg, "Enable support for doing something, needs libblah").

hmm, 2 remarks on that:
- - given that git-dch _could_ be used to generate the changelog i would
recommend to put the description you want to see in debian/changelog as
the "title" (1st line) of the patch

- - everything else (e.g why you think it is good and necessary to do what
you have done, what you think might be done once there is time and why
and everything) ought to be in the "body" (line3-EOF (with line2 being
empty)) of the commit message

As a minimum, I agree.

Preferrably, though, even the first line (i.e. the changelog entry) include tiny explanation too IMO.

...and while at it, I prefer writing in present tense (not past tense) due to often being slightly shorter and equally appropriate IMO.

 - Jonas

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